5 Tips in Maintaining your Garden Shed

Since your shed is important, you would want it to be properly taken care of. So, we have gathered some tips on maintaining your Garden Shed.

  1. Make Repairs as Needed – Keeping your walls, windows and roof in good condition is essential. You should repair small damages to avoid bigger ones. Repair small wall cracks to avoid a major break that may need wood replacement.
  2. Prevent Mold – Wood sheds are prone to Molds. For wood sheds, be sure to check on it annually to seal the wood to repel water. For sheds with metal, eliminate dark areas with little ventilation.
  3. Maintain the Roof – Avoid water damage and protect your shed from wind and debris by properly maintaining the roof. If you find leaks, fix it immediately.
  4. Maintain Walkways – Well preserved walkways (concrete, stone, brick steps) are easier to use and won’t be a hazard. Watch out for uneven stone walkways, over time these may become worn and uneven. Remove the damaged section and smooth the soil underneath, before reinstalling the walkway.
  5. Drain Standing Water – Construct your shed on a location that is not prone to standing water. Pick a place that have sloped ground surrounding as it draws water away from the foundation. Standing water can cause mold and foundation problems, which will then cause cracks that weaken the shed structure.

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