Ten Tips you should know for Basic Lawn Care

Getting that perfectly smooth and lush green lawn requires time and attention. Here are the Top Tips to help you get started.

  1. Control Weeds – Prevent weed seeds from germinating by using the pre-emergent weed control. Pre-emergent herbicides lasts for about three months, so you may need to reapply during the summer.
  2. Gentle Clean Up - Give your lawn a good spring cleaning to encourage grass growth and discourage pests. Remove leaves and gently rake up and separate the grass shoots.
  3. Planting and Seeding – Choose the type of grass to plant by season. Cool-season grasses can be planted if air and soil get into 50s. Warm-season grasses can be planted if air and soil temperatures are in the 60s.
  4. Fertilizing – Prevent heavyfertilizing in the spring, as grass will struggle to survive the heat of summer. Fertilize in late spring as soon as the lawn begins actively growing (April or May).
  5. Liming – Check if your soil needs caring as well. You can apply lime to acidic soil during the growing season, make sure grass isn’t wilted. Follow the recommendations found on your soil test kit.
  6. Insect Control - Insects such as grubs, may also cause damage to your lawn in spring but are more effectively controlled later in the summer.
  7. Proper Equipment Care – Tune up your blade, lawn mower for ease of use and effectivity.
  8. Watering - Make sure your lawn gets at least 1inch of water per week.
  9. Raking – Prevent thatch build-up by raking. When you rake leaves, you make sure to rake deeply.
  10. Lawn Aeration – Lawns suffering from compacted soil, should undergo lawn aeration.


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